If you don’t understand Piazza, this information translated by Bing from the Japanese Piazza kink club SOP (Slave of Piazza) plus helpful original commercials will enlighten you.

PIAZZA is like is like Mecha… lined up people!.
Know always ask someone if PIAZZA thing… should be.
Why would a SOP.
I’m the SLAVE OF PIAZZA’s mean.
So PIAZZA slave…
You maintenance and modify yourself.
It is a collection of people who go.
People so fascinated by this beautiful car that PIAZZA seems quite often.
And I bought well in people.
(A rough but it seems that it! )
But now now, bought the old people too,
To the people who bought the present actually quite strict.
It is how much appearance though stale, like PIAZZA is a little old car.
Forgive as long as money problems using the car started out repaired at a repair shop,
Frustration is somewhere in store is modified.
Yeah, huh. So…
Yourself to do it yourself.
Know yourself to some extent, we’ll keep on top of that.

I’m alright.

So piazza slave.
In the considerably darker members.
In the members are quite dense.
Is a dark mass and then possibly to the PIAZZA,
Spent every holiday and free time,
Maintenance and modify attitudes he goes into! Tend to be too.
But the people who bought the car looks
I bought really is car life.
The same of course who bought the PIAZZA.

The Car life,
Why not not enter life messing around with car hobby to satisfy too may
Should not forget the life that spend with family and friends and lovers with the car.
Car is used. Not be used.
They really know to use the car.
But now their like possibly lives life for cars
Realize… but like slaves of the PIAZZA, though.
Speaks said that meant cautioning oneself,
Name said.
Kawabata’s “Hello, that is the uplifting LSD car be dismantled tomorrow, but?”
I see really WOW! Have boobs! Could do! I want!! ”
Kawabata’s “It’s morning, come from this?
I see has now? This, from this I do!?
Kawabata’s “Cause not to dismantle everyone tomorrow, from Hima”
I see… (Doctors) ”
Kawabata’s “Kun have a mission tomorrow, and I’m saying.
I see! (What?! Whether such warriors!!!) ”
Kawabata’s “No time I’m tinkering with def, you know”
I see! Go out! We will let go!!! “
I’m doing the blog.
HP updates tend to hitch a pounding during the update.
It is going to do in the future.
Or very far away people who would ever like never suffer from heavy traffic than expected, should be.
“This symptom is that PIAZZA is often compressed leaks! Boobs and this maybe the gasket is a zombie!” Bad! Gifu ideas at this rate!” “On the contrary, won’t go home!” Clattering head thing.
And cum afterall, I かえなきゃ at the front of the springs.