V for Vendetta – Figurine and Shadow Gallery

V for Vendetta – Figurine and Shadow Gallery

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I was fascinated by the way the character had been conveyed through subtle physical gestures, since no facial expression was possible. I wanted to make a figure that encapsulated that, and so designed over 50 points of articulation including every joint in the hands (fingers and opposable thumbs). It is a hybrid of reused joints from action men, and scratch-made ones.

Vendetta1 W730

Vendetta2 W730

The gloves are sewn in the same way as one would make them full size, but made in miniature using the top paper-thin skin peeled off a piece of leather hide offcut. The hair is real hair. His mask is sculpted from Milliput. The boots are sculpted, covered in leather, then the sole sculpted on afterwards.



Vendetta5 W730

The six knives have titanium blades (no other metal was rigid enough at this scale and thickness), with aluminium hilts and sculpted handles. The belt is comprised of leather and aluminium.

Vendetta6 W730

Inside the case is a gallery of small collected artefacts, all with some kind of meaning, story or specific origin. I have taken this figure and gallery on many journeys.




Vendetta10 W730

Whilst in Coventry, around the time I made it, I frequented the studio and shop of my friend Al Davison (The Astral Gypsy), and there I met Leah Moore. Some years later in Cambridge I finally met her dad, Alan, and he asked to see the figure which now bears his seal of approval: